There will be blood!

So for many moon's I have been searching for a frame to replace Shitbike, wich is just a bit to small for me. By chance I stumbled upon this monstrosity on It was offered to another forumenger but he didn't want it so I swooped it up! A lot of interesting details on the frame, Reynolds 501 tubing, Campagnolo fork drop outs and some unbranded rear ones and a Cinneli bottom bracket housing. I don't know anything about Szkeres but he/they had some random bits floating around the workshop..

I transfered all the stuff from Shitbike to take for a spin hence the part's horror show below.
It rides very different due to its steep head tube/wheelbase combo compared to Shitbike. Seated it's ok but standing up pushing on the bars it feels a bit wobbly but it's just a matter of getting used to it and adjust my riding style. "Less on the arms, more on the ass!" will be my mantra..

And there's a clearence issue.. 23c gatorskins are to big.! On this pic the front wheel axle is a couple of mm's from the bottom of the dropouts. But I think I have a old skinny somewhere that might work..

So now I'm going to stare for it a couple of hours trying to figure out how to "Improve" it..

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