The family joke

OMFG!! Yes it's happening..

Might even be handles on the doors before X-mas

Repainting the walls to.. some chalk based grey that looks really smudgy..

Factory five

Got these for the Deth bike (The Szekeres pista)
Been looking for ages for some thing that will fit the 
"theme" of the bike and these will do for now..

Apparently they are made of cheese so it's going to be 
interesting to se if the hold up or explode..

Cuts and bruises -

These are the ones that comes to mind..

Five years old, breaking my left arm snow sleighing. - Arm in a cast
First time eating shit on a bike six years old, splitting my chin open - Stitches.
Trying to jump a planter box on bmx - Fractures in my left arm.
Bitten in the face by a dog (a beagle) -Stitches
Chipped two front teeth- Brass ashtray.
Got kung-fu kicked in the chest - Bruised ribs
Cutting my foot open kicking a window - ER
Eating shit skateboarding 1000 times - Having fun
Fractured a toe getting it stuck in a wrestling mat - no tight shoes for 4  weeks
Burned my hand picking up a rocket - Slept with my hand in a bucket of water
Busted lip, twice, fighting - Stitches
Face planted (to the letter;I broke the fall with my face) biking white knuckling the bars - Concussion
Hit by a cab biking - Fucked up my right leg
Glass shard in my tounge fighting - Pulled it out with pliers
Falling of a rock bouldering - Smased my left elbow open, messed up my back.
Rock fell on my ankle preparing a boulder. - Stitches
Tendon injurys in my left hand bouldering - Just fucking painfull
Dislocated clavicle due to lifting to heavy - I have a weird lump on my right shoulder
Eating shit mountainbiking about a 200 times - Not learning anything.
Cutting my thigh with a anglegrinder - stitches

Funny thing about falling of bikes and boards a lot is that you get good at it.
instead of tensing up you get really loose and ragdoll it..

Then it's just the usuall aray of cuts bruises and injurys..

Make it stick

Working on the broken table.. the wirethingymagoo
is done so now I'm just trying to get the paint to work..
                                     It  needs more of something and less of something else..
Just need to figure out whats what..

Powerfull statements..

Testing a idea..

Or really,  I knocked down the tiles yeasterday so I'm fully comitted to it..

Post post update..

night run scarfing more rusty metal..

Oh I killed that bike project below..

We ride shit bikes not ugly ones..

Let me give you a taste..

..0f a pain that will last forever

Or how 2 fuck your shit up..


Stipped it and threw some junk parts on it..

Did a fork chop to lower the front but it's still to high..
Chopped a inch of the chainstays to tuck the rear wheel but 
it still looks like a piece of shit!..

Feels super boaty and uninspiring to ride to..

p o c

working on this but it's a struggle..

Belt buckle


Trying to figure this out..

It's a a new level of weirdness


Shit parts for Shit Bike..

 7 euro 17 T cog - 6 euro Sram pc 1 chain and a used Sugino 51 ring..

Trash bag

Found more out door gear on my ramblings.

Old 80's "Caravan" sleeping bag..

Bit bulky but might be usefull for casual camping..

Like the colours though..