Stuck in a super rut making racks..!

...Not that i need more of them, this is just for fun and for the sake of doing stuff..
Plus it's the worst possible choice of material for my crappy welder and my lack of skill.. It blows trough all the time..
And the welds looks like cancer but hey, we out here  right?


I might keep this feature.. Or not.

And these bits will be struts and supports..

I just love junk.


I found this awesome bit of retro gear in a thrift store for 7 euros.
Super cool vintage Haglöfs-Coleman framed backpack in poop browns.

The frame is dated 04-03-79 so it's 40 years old but in pretty good shape..
There is room both on top and under the pack for a raft but the pack itself is not water proof soo..
 Sort of toying with the idea of making a cuztom tyvek bag but then again, it would be a shame to kill this puppy..

Funny thing is that i was looking at exactly this pack when i was googling for
ideas for the raft pack and they seem pretty rare and now i have one..

It's basicly the pack from the game firewatch

High tech plastic..

No points..

..Just for the reasons.

It's begging to be something new

Bike work

Putting the dys in functional and making good stuff worse..

Bottle holder for other type bottles..

My winter bike is my summer bike is my bike bike...

No changes no upgrades.Best bike in the world..

Track slack/worn randos/chopped risers etc..

This is important..

..not really but anyways..

This has been brewing in my mind for a while.


It got weird again.. 

This last part has no purpose, if anything it makes
it harder to pack long/tall objects should there
ever be a need for it..

But wasteland aesthetics won..

Pack art

Small stuff.. To stop straps from moving around on the frame

I secretly hope that they will rust and get some patina..
This pack build is starting to move in another direction..
Next: find some more rusty skinny rebar.

Franken pack..

Skinny rebar sub frame. Prevents stuff from sliding of the carrying frame..

Bolted to the frame..

It feels solid enough with those to bolts but i think that some pop rivets
might be a good idea..

And test packed, the paddle fits perfectly into he slots in the
sub frame, not by design just dumb luck..

Now i just need to try it in the wild..

Pack hacking

Been looking at 100 liter dry bags to use when pack rafting but i thought i'd try to make something of my junk before i buy another pack.. 

Merging a old Haglöfs frame pack with a "better" carrying harness creating the ultimate franken pack.

Wet boat goes on the bottom and smaller dry bags/gear goes on top.

Sub frame parts..

Make it do / huffing glue

Rain gear repair.. Exped adhesive patch and Barge glue..

Everything get fixed..

House warming axe

Micro project.

Sanding/scorching and linseed oil

MRS Ponto

It Feel's so good to be back on the water..

To all of you who made this possible..