..the hell rack.. hard to belive that it thought this bike was so cool..
Well it is but the world is over fixed rat bikes with hell racks..
Now it’s all e-bikes and supple tyres and tiny chainrings..
 sensible stuff you know..
I still ride this bike thou..


Morning fiddlies

Lives here..

Bike bagging..! Nr 13

Super new concept.. Bikepacking with

Micro archipelago

Analog reboot..

Do it.. it’s easy..

Making a mess

Stage one greblies..

Sort of trying to roll this in 
glitter, don’t know if it’s working.
Having fun doing it though..


Deep space mining helmet:

Resurected project.. think i started fiddling with this four years ago?
maybe more.. Right now im just figuring out how to make it
”work” and playing with epoxy..

Adding greblies

Plastic patching.. gonna smoth it out..

Pack raft

The red raft will be up for sale..
Lenght 250 cm 

Edit: for sale on for 5000:- sek part 2

Stickers! And micro biners for that righteous dangle..
Show the world your enviro consiousness and that you
give a damn,. Lighter than titanium and hand crafted in Dreggdonia
with finest food grade epoxy..

 New project. Kind of weird and I’m not sure if anyone will
”get it” but anyways.

I leave this space for a future explanation but for now:
1: I like the idea of taking the most disposable item there is and making
it usable.. In this case epoxying paper cups found along the road whilst cycling..
Hence the name Seal-cup as in sealed.. But it is fitting since cute animals are
the chanpions of the enviro-war.. *

2: I’ts also sort of a commentary on companys/organisations like 4oceans
turning ocean trash into money and feeding on peoples enviro guilt and also on the
people buying the items they sell.. I’ts easy to just text a donation and carry on with your life..

3: I’ts a small stab at the dangle-gram’ers.. (get one, lighter than Ti..)

4: And last but not least. I have no internet or tv and loads of time to tinker
with weird art projects.. wich i guess this is, art, albeit usable..
Anyways, to close the loop in this project somebody must actully
buy a Seal cup..

1: stabilizing station.

Stabilizing the cups with clear epoxy resin..

2: Curing station.

3: Adding the eyelet


Might be for sale.. i need to clear out some


Got tired of banging my knee against the stem bag/bucket thing.
So i got this instead.. Templars gear cargo pouch, some cheapo
Army/airsoft gear but really well made..

The straps loops around the
handlebars like it was made for bikes..

The D^W^T

Drift wood table with folding legs..
Turned out pretty nice..

Free clown porn

Been going trough the archives and ouch 
The hurt, the feels, the cringe.

I will donate these dvd:s for posterity free of charge.
As a historical document, and as a warning..
Not all crap though, there’s some good riding
now and again.. enjoy, embrace, endure..

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