Good news-Bad news

Good news..I have found a skip full of old lumber.
Bad news- The corrugated metal i thought would be ideal as roofing 
1. Way to heavy and akward to haul out..
2. Fucking ugly

So now i need to rethink the roofing solution..

Other than that i had a good day fitting the window frame
and just adding more to what already is..

Home work

Pasta Polycarbonata

Hopefully harder to break..

All in a day

Wood haulin'
"Wolf Mother" is awesome in all it's jankiness

New Wetterlings axe. Makes stuff easier.. 

This is the fun part.. getting in to the detailing..

Thumbs up for the suck..

Walls and windows

Sort of patch working my way around this..

Not sure about the cutesey window.. It's glass and thats the 
first thing that goes when the vandals come, and they will..
they allways do..

Burning scrap wood in the woods..

Moar doors

Pre cut some material at home and banged them up..
Need to source more scrap wood for the back wall..

Moar walls

Axe heads

Still have these guys..

Walking stick axe heads-Ice axes

15 euros?


Stuff to do

New roof; more walls, sleeping platform
and possibly windows if i can scrounge up the

Random updates on dumblr


Not much going on..

Ima change that..

Hive X Cabinet

Projects and stuff

House for solitary bees

Camp day

Resurecting the rain camp for the summer..

King size bed..

Mandatory pot in fire pic..


Junk/pallet wood bench


Went back to the suspension fork..

Fucking mint!