More of my trademark weirdness..

Commissioned work sort of

Dark days

Getting around to getting it done..

To do: find mats for the door frame then hang the door..
Some gaps here and there and the back wall-back door thing..


Made a peg board for back packs and field gear

with the usuall trademark  lack of finesse and style..

And a small one for the shack..

Spooks in the woods..

.I'm trying to keep a low profile to not attract
any more attention to this place..
So it's strictly biz, no hanging around, just sneaking in and
putting stuff up and then back out..

Sort of reminds me of a previous building project that got detected
and torn down just before completion..



Some new knives..
Juha Perttula veistopuukko
ands a CRKT Folding Razel..

The J-H replacec the wood jewel as my woods/hiking knife
and the CRKT is my EDC tote..

Stay the course

Roof  is sort of done, 
Just needs some more wood screws here and there to look
it down properly.. Love how it looks though..Camoflage

And the door got done..
 The opening isn't square but the trimmings will sort that out..
(Nothing is square to be honest.. )

And then this....

Some one came calling.. And i don't like it a bit..
That's a man size boot heel right there..


Roof mock up.. need to find some good beams for them..

Moar windows.. and I´m thinking about raising the front end
of the shack/roof a bit.. But that means more finding material,
more carrying stuff and more days in the wood getting soaking wet

Good news-Bad news

Good news..I have found a skip full of old lumber.
Bad news- The corrugated metal i thought would be ideal as roofing 
1. Way to heavy and akward to haul out..
2. Fucking ugly

So now i need to rethink the roofing solution..

Other than that i had a good day fitting the window frame
and just adding more to what already is..

Home work

Pasta Polycarbonata

Hopefully harder to break..

All in a day

Wood haulin'
"Wolf Mother" is awesome in all it's jankiness

New Wetterlings axe. Makes stuff easier.. 

This is the fun part.. getting in to the detailing..

Thumbs up for the suck..

Walls and windows

Sort of patch working my way around this..

Not sure about the cutesey window.. It's glass and thats the 
first thing that goes when the vandals come, and they will..
they allways do..

Burning scrap wood in the woods..

Moar doors

Pre cut some material at home and banged them up..
Need to source more scrap wood for the back wall..