I have entered the black hole of "upgrading". A dark realm also known as money pitting.. Things that has been swapped out so far is the shitty pedals for some shitty but lighter Dartmoor ones, a cheapo inline race-face seat post instead of the generic boat anchor post wich had a bit of layback..

And then there is the obviuos downgrade of adding 600+g of front rack to a 13kg bike but i'm not going anywhere fast so fuck it, plus the Ti bottle cage bolts from aliexpress will remedy that..

Future up/down grades will be:
WTB resolutes 42/tubeless and some rando bag..

And here is the tiny twin Grävling sort of hiding..

(Grävling is swedish for you know..)

Chub Hubs

Lägg till bildtext

New bike day!

New herd member. Le Vitus Substance Sora..

Last time i bought a "new" bike was like..2001.
Things has changed i tell you..
And gears are fucking awesome..!!

Tiny Asian

Alpine trail running cook kit..



100 gram gas canister and stuff from
aliexpress, Ti pot and micro stove. 
Added a beer koozie to prevent rattling..


Szekeres pista

Shimano SFP track ends
Cinelli BB
Franken tubes
Custom Ted James fork

seat post, bb and headset included


..micro project.
Cheap BT/Battery speaker in a old oil can..

Wolf Mother bike check

The frame is/was a generic city bike, badly bent, think some kids had jumped on it..
Replaced the top tube and did my best to straighten it out but
the wheels are super off set..
Bars from some ladies bike, index less thumbie, lever from the parts bin..
cotton bar tape etc
Mega rack for hauling backpacks to the woods and camo painted for stealth..

 Adornments: The road toad, a bone and a bottle opener wich makes a
rattling noise that works as a bell..

There are some trail markers on it to..

Diy water carriers, fits two 1,5 liter soda bottles.
The skinny rack is for the sleeping pad if i'm ground camping.

Drive train is some plaino steel cranks with bear traps on..
Saddle is a Ideale..

 Super bodge job shifting arrangements.. It works, sort of..

The rack gang

More in the making..

Bike dudes will get this..

Much of the fleet have suffered during the winter, most of them live in the wild all year. no roof, no locks, no care


Bike work dickings.. forgot how much i enjoy this..
The endless process of moving shit parts between shit frames to make shit bikes..

Wont work, ain't care..

Why i love steel frames.. I can work with them

The mega monster rack was to big for shit bike so i resurrected the dirty mercxx.. Still some things to figure out but it's a better fit..

I think I'm just going to weld it on. I like that, thats true purpose..

This bike is such a hot rod, i love it..
That rack is so stupid

..and this is why..I need  bike that can tote my crashpad..

I have a prime bouldering spot pretty close to my new job
so after/before seshes %¤(/ new bike set up

#Rack Life

New rack for Shit bike..


More of my trademark weirdness..

Commissioned work sort of