Stickers,patches,and dvd's

Came home and found three envelopes on the floor.. It's a bit like X-mas.
Why do i buy stickers and patches?  Coz they're cool and it feels good to support other people trying to do their thing, whatever it may be.. And the X-mas feeling is a nice bonus!

On the topic of patches. Got these a couple of days ago.. 
The "hate what you will" is already on my Cobra hoodie, 
the other one is going on my "vintage" Endura jacket.. 
(Iv'e had it for more than ten years so i think that it qualifies as a vintage item)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Wow..really nice color and design..Where you get these ???
    custom stickers

  2. I got them at They're not iron on ones thou, so you have to stitch them on yourself :-)