Thatcherworks stem

Got it today and it's fucking awesome. Super well made and it just look's so sleek and agressive, i love it. 
A cool thing is that there was absolutley no hassle threading the Nitto's trough and it just slid down the head tube like it was meant to be on the bike..  

On top of that the shipping box was full of goodies! Thanks for that man! 
Very cool stuff and it sure made a rainy day better.

Canvas belt bag, worker wax tin, porecelain stem, cotton scarf and a holy anchor print/snot rag.. 
Everything shed made and with what i think is sort of a Thatcher trademark, small and personal details like a scrimmed button on the beltbag and "wrkr wax" stamped on the lid of the tin..

If you want a custom stem i really recomend Thatcherworks
Top notch work from order to finished product and you get a unique stem made after your own specifications, can't beat that.

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