Breathe, Damn you! Breathe!

Heads.. Malozzi without the de-comp lever feature. So no sneaky leakys! Hi comp to.

Jugs.. Airsal with six really nice transfer ports, I could dremel them out a bit later for added smoothnez.

Pistons. Came with the Airsal kit, skirt is nicely trimmed me thinks.

And after a lot of bitching and moaning, mostly from Pug who don't like new parts we have this.. Life!
Edit-New video in more scenic location for your wieving plesure.

Super fun to ride! According to the speedo we hit 30mph/50kmh and i think 
that it's fairly accurate. Didn't rev out though so there's a little more in there.

And there's more speed right here. That's one super choked exhaust if you ask me, 
The Pug needs a Bidalot exhaust to breath ok..

Did i mention money pit?

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