Exhaust mount/Back from the dead

Won't win any prizes for prettyness but iust the fact that I
can put togheter stuff like this makes me really happy.. 
Should have bought a crappy fluxcore welder earlier..

And on the Pug.. the exahaust moves when the engine/clutch variates hence the fancy linkage. 
It even has ballbearings! Yes, super hi-tech.

New plug, startergas and some drops of fuel the cylinder and BOOM!
 It's back! First impression is that It's really mellow at the bottom and doesn't pull that
hard at low rews but about mid range it just goes off..

As i mentioned earlier the pipe comes apart after the header and that bit must be welded 
togheter when i figure out exactly how long I want it to be.
Oh and the linkage mount works really well to.. 

Next step is a visit to carb city,

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