Parts/Build day

Polini SPX intake and a Hutchinson "Race" belt 

Preparing for surgery.. Beer, no kids at home, mood lighting etc..

The difference between the stock intake and the polini, pretty significant. 
There was a small kink on the Polini that i dremeled away, can't hurt to smooth things out..
I need to get some new reeds to replace the stock one's wich work but doesn't match up to the new intake.

Three hours of carnage, you need to remove the whole damn engine to get to replace the intake..

But everything came togheter nicely, took it outside and it*s a kitten, purrs after one kick. Much better than the Gurtner carb that needed a lot of coaxing/ to run. To the Gurt's defense i must say that it felt smother when hitting the pipe some reason, less jerky..

And Pug is kinda fast now. The happy meter wich probably is pretty of tops out at 80kmh/50mph and
that's where the needle lands after a bit of open road throttling. Can't be sure without some sort of verifiacation though. chase car and gps

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