Pug Day

In true international postal style a small package with a reed kit and some dellorto jets takes twice as long as a big package with let's say a big ass exhaust, go figure.. Anyways, Stock reed VS polini reed..

And some more jets, allways good to have some to fiddle with . 
Cool thing is that the chinese engines on the motorized bikes use the same size jets..

And then this.. I guess this is one of the good thing's with being single..

Drop engine, switch the reed, up jet just in case, (from 76 to 78) doze off on petrol fumes, spend a hour sorting the throttle cable out, put everything back togheter and then go out and ride in the rain..


Better low end/pull and take off cos of the reed but four stroking all over the place,
The 4 stroking disapears at 3/4 throttle when the pipe kicks in.
Next episode will include plug chops and down jetting me thinks..

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