Pug VS Man

This ridiculously big box came today.
It got thoroughly inspected by the custom cat..

I mean ridicolus considering what was in it, These tyres got the first class treatment shipping wise..
Also travelling along with the sava M11 tyres was some foot pegs, a kickstand for right side mount and a sprocket. The kickstand is for when i re route the pipe to the other side of the bike, I want it to snug up more under the engine and to clear the kick completly..

Rotten tyres begone!

I was surprised how easy the switch was, I just needed two Pedros to get it off and could fit the new tyre with my hands. 

Greased the bearings..

..And scuffed up the brake pads and some drops of oil on the pivots and springs

Aired up the tyres and realized that the front fender was scrubing the fork brace so i removed it..
 Then i had a long good stare at this tape mock up off a top tube. I like the step thru when riding but it looks sort of cool..

On the minus side was that the rear sprocket didn't fit. The hole pattern didn't fit and the dishing was different from the one on the bike. 

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