This again..

Being dumb can be pretty expensive, But the Pug runs again.
Got a bag of jets from treatland to so it's on 84 right now, four stroking a bit in the low's /mid's
but right at home on the pipe.. Might go down to 82 once i get a temp gage..

Oh and if you don't know Airsal is the "Power of engine"

And vinter came early this year.. Started to snoop around the engine of the Vic..
The piston was sort of stuck but I don't think it was due to seizing, it free'd up with a tap or two.
Lot of gunk and build up on top of the cyl/piston..

But it looks like it has been slapped around a bit.. Oh and its a cast iron jug, I like that.
Other stuff the snooping revealed was that the gears seems to have been ghetto rigged
to run in first gear with bailing wire and a piece of wood.. I blame kid's!

Small blessing's. The tyres and wiring seeem ok.. 
It's the throttle, brake, clutch cables that 
needs to be sorted out..

So right now I'm doing the research bit trying to find parts etc.. 
This particular brand of Victorias, the "Nicky" seems to be a bit low on parts, 
A evil voice in the back of my head says "Lifan that shit!"
And really, that would be funny as fuck..

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