The End/The Beginning

Had the morning off so i headed out to get some work done on the cabin.

 As i came out to the site i directly knew something was off. The tarp i had wrapped around the cabin was moved a bit and so was one off the dead tree branches I had used as a makeshift camoflage. Visitors..

Pulling down the tarp i found a rather official and stern note on the floor urging me to dismantle the build and to restore the site as it was or they would do it and claim/destroy the material.

I knew this would happen sooner or later, some one, a berry picker or walker would stumble upon the build and call it in but damn! I didn't expect it to happen SO soon..

No regrets, not a big deal, It's just the reality of building stuff on land some one else owns, some one might find it, disapprove, destroy etc.. It's just part of it and it has to be factored in.

I like to think that the reaction would have been different if it had been found when it was compleated, painted greyish green to blend in with the surroundings. The interior done, a bed and small table inside, some books on a small shelf etc but most likely exactly the same thing would have happend.

I'll chalk this one up to experience, next time i wont waste any days..

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