Limb Skins..

Got this today, Onestringer "Limbsation" limbskins. 
I ordered the regular sized one's but they didn't cover the bow limbs 
completely so Onestringer sent me a custom set with out the standard taper
free off charge wich is really, really nice of them, and on top of that they added a spare one.
Thanks for that guys!

The fitting is a pretty simple, just peel and stick..
You could spend some time trying to match or center the
skin pattern on the limb but since it sort of curves to both sides I didn't bother.
Then  just trace the edges of them limbs with something really sharp to remove the
excess, I did a couple off passes where i angled the knife inwards a bit to 
trim the skin down so it doesn't snag or peel..

Looks awsome..

This leaves me with a set of regular sized limbskins and
repaying the favor i'd thought i pass them on.
One is "tested"but it should stick fine..

So if anyone want them just contact me trough my profile 
and I'l send them to you free off charge

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