Since the wheater was ok and above freezing temps today I tried out the bow.
I shot maybe 100+ arrows or so, great fun but i need some practice..
A lot of it actully..

Quiver, old one I made ages ago.
Holds arrows so it will do for now..

This grouping looks alright though. Shot at 10m/30f
 The idea is not to hit the center but as close as possible to the previous arrow 
and when you are consistent at that range you move back a bit..

But that was just a zen out fluke group, most just hit the box and there was a lot of
digging after strays in the grass..

2 kommentarer:

  1. I am not an archer, but I have been interested. But, all the bows I see are super complex pulley this and that plastic that with carbon fibre arrows. Then I see pictures of dudes in full camo chemically locked suits sitting all day in a tree. That shit looks laaaaaame. Makes me wonder if it's the same as all this bike world's modern obsession with full suspension "needs" over enjoying the ride.

    So, all that to say: I like your bow.

  2. Right on Reverend.. It's seems like everything has turned into a internet gear fest where owning the right stuff is more important than actually doing stuff..