Took Put-Put-Brraaap out to..

The woods..

..To break these puppys in. Patagonia EVERlong..
Did a 8.5 K trail run today and a 17 K yesterday, No blisters, hot spots or anything.
Super supple uppers makes for nice front foot splay and the lack of a traditional heel cup makes them feel nice and loose on the foot but still secure enough for pretty technical trails.

My previous trail runners where the Salomon speed cross, They have a to narrow last for my wide feet and feel a bit clunky in comparance, the EVERlongs feels easier to run in so all and all i'm well chuffed..

Breaking in the new MSR pocket rocket as well. The old one died but
served me well for more than 12 years, Another awesome piece of kit.

Cooked up some MRE penne bolognese from the food stash..
(H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!) Decent gut filler though..

Oh and the MRE treat of the day.. Pears!

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