Shiny Gear, Oh yeah!

I'm not a gear junkie-I'm not a gear junkie-
I'm not a gear junkie..Oh who the FK am I kidding..

Got some bits for my autumn running wardrobe.
Le Patagonia all weather zip neck hoodie and 
a Mountain Hardwear ghost whisperer hooded jacket..

I have only tried the Patagonia out once and it felt really nice. It has a mesh back wich makes the risk of boiling up or over heating less of a problem. ( I tend to cook big time!)
It has thumb loops and even a piece of fabric that folds back to act as
mitts for cold morning/evening runs. I'm 6'2 and the large sizing was spot on. (same for the MW)

The MW ghost whisperer is a pretty spectacular piece of kit by just looking and handling it. It  weighs absolutley nothing and packs down in it's own pocket to about a turd size..
I'm actually looking forward for some rain and crappy wheater so i can try it out.

And some free advice.. "Never trust a guy with shiny gear".. Old climbers wisdom

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  1. Fellow heavy sweater here...please report findings as testing occurs.