OMM Rotor smock..

More shiny gear..! It's getting to cold for the MH ghostwhisperer wich has been good during 
the fall but as much insulation as cling film when it gets cold or the wind kick's up a bit..

So i got a OMM Rotor smock, 220 grams of primaloft godliness. I tried it out last night with just a T-shirt under and it was a little bit to hot for the current temps wich is around zero degrees, 
wich is kind of varm for the season. But i think that it will be great when the weather gets colder.

I ordered a size large wich fits my 6.2 perfect.

And besides being super black and shiny out can use the front pocket as a stuff bag
and turn the jacket into a fleece covered pillow, wich i consider a pretty strong selling point..

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