The Rodent

Cargo bike build, not one of those tankers, just a tiny one to haul camping gear and
well, stuff..

The super Jig, This is about how much science the goes into my builds,
The rest is left up to eyeballing and cold setting. 
Steel is bendy so eveything can be sorted out 
along the way..

Squaring tubes..

Flux magic..

Day one progress.. 
Need some more square tubing to 
start with the front.. 

Sort of toying around with the idea of making it a tadpole, we'll see about that..

2 kommentarer:

  1. Your seat-of-the-pants (that means ad hoc in US lingo) style is inspirational. It is way to easy to let things get in the way of even starting projects like this. I like your style so much! My favorite part? That there is still cut cable connected to the rear brake...

  2. Thanks buddy!

    I'll probably screw thing up along the way but thats part of the fun and in the end it's just bikes, if the wheels line up it will work ok..