New Pack..

Not super happy with the Boreas Montery 35L pack so i sold it and got this instead, a Patagonia Acensionist 35L. 
The Boreas was a well built pack but has some weird design features that i didn't like..
The lid pocket had a super small zipper/opening making it hard to put/reach stuff, same for the side pockets making them almost useless and the dual tapering of the bag made putting big stuff like shoes/bottles in the bottom tricky..

Not tried it out yet but my initial impression is that it's 
much more suited to my needs and what i want from a pack..
Some good bits are the super easy right hand access lid pocket, a aluminium frame that can be removed (wich i probably do) padded waist belt (also removable)
The rain fly around the opening pulls up so you can over stuff it should that be needed..
Most important though is that there's NO zippers besides the one on the lid pocket, just pull strings, wich i like cos zippers are death..

This is anothther StreetLightsToStarlights item..

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