StreetLightToStarLight-The rules

1. Sleep outside every night the next month (June) This is not super strict; I'm giving my self a out if the wheater turns to shit or for some other reason that seem valid..

2. Spend as much of the day as possible outside. I'm allowed inside though. laundry, picking up supplies and changing gear etc and for Fam/friends/social reasons. But it should be kept to a minimum.

3. There might be a third rule but i don't know what that might be.. I'll make them up as i go along

Oh yeah. I'm working as usuall during june nights, full time wich will be interesting..

Thats about it! Looking forward to a full month of just getting good and lost in the woods..

I'll be posting pics/updates both here and at my Tumblr..
Project/text oriented stuff will be posted here and the daily stuff over at the Tumblr

Right now the forecast for the  next days look really good so I'm off to a good start..

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