June Kit List

Iv'e done a lot of switching out gear/picking up stuff
depending on my plan for the day or the wheater but anyways.

Ferst, my basic gear: 
35L back pack and sleeping bag, MSR pocket rocket inside a Trangia kettle.
The gas canister fits inside a old tin cup. Some food stuff.
Purple thing is a cheap Ebay hammock, Black thing is a beanie, crucial if you dont want to wake 
up 03:44 when the sun goes up, It keeps the bugs away to..

Small stuff: Tripod/camera remote and headlamp, knife, lighter, small pouch for wallet and keys
dopp kit and a book and a journal for notes etc..

Extra clothes, If it gest chilly at night..
Rain/wind jacket, I dump that if the forecast looks ok..

Water bottles: I have a lot  of these stashed at the food caches.
The water around here is ok to drink but, well it's fun to hide stuff..

Some time stuff: I used this pad/tarp combo once.
I have a old inflatable sleeping pad in the Rain Camp
and use the hamock otherwise.. I have sleept on the ground to and
it's not that bad really, i like it, makes me feel like just another wild thing in the forest..
The orange thing is a small tarp just to keep the rain of my head..

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