Bike dudes will get this..

Much of the fleet have suffered during the winter, most of them live in the wild all year. no roof, no locks, no care


Bike work dickings.. forgot how much i enjoy this..
The endless process of moving shit parts between shit frames to make shit bikes..

Wont work, ain't care..

Why i love steel frames.. I can work with them

The mega monster rack was to big for shit bike so i resurrected the dirty mercxx.. Still some things to figure out but it's a better fit..

I think I'm just going to weld it on. I like that, thats true purpose..

This bike is such a hot rod, i love it..
That rack is so stupid

..and this is why..I need  bike that can tote my crashpad..

I have a prime bouldering spot pretty close to my new job
so after/before seshes %¤(/ new bike set up

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