Wolf Mother bike check

The frame is/was a generic city bike, badly bent, think some kids had jumped on it..
Replaced the top tube and did my best to straighten it out but
the wheels are super off set..
Bars from some ladies bike, index less thumbie, lever from the parts bin..
cotton bar tape etc
Mega rack for hauling backpacks to the woods and camo painted for stealth..

 Adornments: The road toad, a bone and a bottle opener wich makes a
rattling noise that works as a bell..

There are some trail markers on it to..

Diy water carriers, fits two 1,5 liter soda bottles.
The skinny rack is for the sleeping pad if i'm ground camping.

Drive train is some plaino steel cranks with bear traps on..
Saddle is a Ideale..

 Super bodge job shifting arrangements.. It works, sort of..

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