Pirelli MT75

Found this dirt cheap Pirelli MT75 tyre, 10 euro plus 12 shipping, That's 30 bucks!
I think that they go for about 75-100 without shipping online..

Took some work but i got it on the rim/wheel. Strong hands, persistence and one Pedro
tyre lever = Victory! Was some moments of doubt though..

Switched out the drive sprocket to, well nedeed. Went up a tooth.
Not much left of the old one, I think that everything on the Pug is stock 80/90's parts.

..And the tyre/wheel on the bike. I really thought that it would rub on the left chainstay, the swingarm is asymetric to clear the clutch on the left side but nope! It's tight but it clears and there's even some room left..

The width off a MT75 on a peugeot/grimeca rim is 80mm,The Sava MC11's are 74mm.
Big difference? not really, But it looks more like a proper front/rear tyre combo now.

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