So this came today.. Another SPX 54 sprocket..
But it did not fit! It's a 11 hole pattern but the inner diameter of is to small..

Ok so I'll just run the junk thats on for now, i thought..

Then I went to the local moped/lawnmower/small engines store 
for a new chain and while i was there I asked the guy if he had any SPX sprockets
or other parts. A bit of "Hoo Humm.." and some digging in oily boxes he finds this..

A 62 tooth SPX pie plate, so better pull from standstil and rewwwz.. 
Got the sprock and chain for roughly 35$.

 The guy even had a seized SPX that he
offered to sell me for 150$ but i have no more room for junk..

But that means that everything on the Pug is fixed,upgraded or replaced.
Everything from now on is about cosmetics..

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