NR 3 "This is not bike camping"

Found a nice spot under some pines, dumped my back and
collected some fire wood.. Basiclly just wind fallen stuff from the ground.
I never carry a axe or saw since there is no need to process fire wood around here, just pick it, snap it, done.

The fire bag, no fancy stuff, just som dry scrap wood, paper and birch bark. 

And with one flic of my mini bic..

The bedroom wiew..

Then this. Throwing twigs on the fire, poking it with a stick now and then
and just kicking back.. The spot is pretty close to a deer trail so there was some 
Hoofers grunting and barking when they spotted me..

Woke up to overcast skies and a light drizzle so pulled the "half-a-tarp"
 over my head and went back to sleep.. 

Still some life left in the embers when i woke up so I tossed some twigs on and 
made brekkie.. (P.I.F pic)

I't looks like it's some sort of fancy diet but it's not..
It's just left overs..

Then i packed up my stuff, lugged it out and rode home..

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