New bow day

Samick "Deer Master" 40# at 28 inches so it's a bit easier to shoot than the Windwalker. 
40# is still more than enough to put holes in things

Besides being added to the general armory it's going to be used as a kids/loaner bow.. 
Feels like a nice zippy little bow just pulling it and if the weather permits I'll
try it out tomorrow..

Spectacular chinese craftmanship at it best. such polish, very wood
traditional humility and varnish..

Side by side peek with my old bow, new bow is dainty.! Look at the difference in 
the width of the limbs. Thats where the windy hides it power..

Notice the difference in thickness and lenght of the core and veneers
off the limbs.. Thats why the Windy is a bit of a beast to shot..

Need to get a bow weight to check that 55#.

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