Spent the weekend  out in the Tyresta national forrest.. friday to sunday.
The stars aligned, the cards where in our favor etc and we ended up with coinciding free time, 
a ride out and a fore cast that promised sun and blue skies..

First day, "detouring" over the big patch of woods that burned 1999.
(We got lost)

Eventully we found our way and got to setting up camp for night one.. Chilli time

Regel Nr 1
 "Hade du ätit igår hade du inte varit hungrig idag"

Later the same evening. Passing time, the bottle and trading stories..


Good stuff..

Day two, trekking trough Mordor (the burnt bit)

Hang mans tree. It really needs some vultures or ravens to
finish it of properly..

More nature..

Setting up camp for night two. It's on top off a cliff that used to be fortress 
in the bronze age. It's a pretty cool spot that over looks the largest lake of the forrest, 
a lot of scenery and greenery..

 On one off the small islands near by there was a osprey 
nesting, some ravens flew over and later in the evening a pair of noisy cranes flew..

Bronze age TV..

Sunday morning left over breakfast, oats coffee and knäckebröd.. 

Later lake!

Then it was just a matter of a ten K schlepp back out
fueled by lake water ice tea and skinny cigarettes..

All and all a good outing..!

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