A big part of life..

..is just fixing stuff that breaks down. Flat tyres, leaky carbs, plumbing or creaky doors..
But one of the most satisfying feelings there are is looking at something broken and say to
your self " I can fix that..!"

So today's fix is a broken exhaust/header..
First i thougt it was my weld that failed but nope it was 
a factory one.. Me 1 - Ped factory 0

And i noticed this, the 'zaust and the header doesn't line up properly.
I know fk all about exhaust pulses and the finer art of 2 stroke tuning but 
I bet that the fumes going out trips and snags on that little lip..

Much better..! Smooth can't hurt..

Then for some flux core magic..

Made a new super janky zaust hanger..

Since the pipe is welded solid I figured that there should be some
stretchiness in the mount if the engine should eventully decide to variate..
Have yet to see that happen though,, It just rocks a little, thats all..

Read some where that the variator on scandinavian pug spx's could be restricted?

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